2006 Sierra 2500HD Leather Seat Install

2006 Sierra 2500HD Leather Seat Install

What's so special about this truck?

The HD Silverado & Sierra models use a floor pan very similar to the floor pan of a Suburban. This floor pan is relatively flat where the seats mount. The non-HD models (far more common) use a floor very similar to that of a Tahoe. This floor has a step up near the very rear of the cab. The Silverado & Sierra front seats are interchangeable between all cab sizes, however the rear seats are different.

The Solution: 

For this project we used a set of very dark pewter leather seats from a non-HD model and installed the cushion, foam, and some other miscellaneous parts on the HD rear seat frame. 

For the front seats the plug was different on the drivers side and the passengers side was entirely missing a plug. As we include floor-side plugs, this was no problem. Power & ground were run to the wires for the passengers seat, and the drivers side was adapted to work. 


The original seats: 


The New Seats, Installed. 


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