2011 - 2016 Ford Super Duty Seats installed in a 1999 - 2010 style truck

2011 - 2016 Ford Super Duty Seats installed in a 1999 - 2010 style truck

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Step 1 - Remove Original Seats

In this case, the vehicle is a 2005 Ford Super Duty with a 1 piece bench seat. Typically this requires a T55 or T60 Torx Bit, and a 18mm socket. Once all bolts securing the seats are secured, unplug the necessary connectors and remove from the vehicle. 


Step 2- Cutting Holes In Floor Liner (For original 1 piece bench only) 

For vehicles with a solid bench seat like this one, you may have to cut out a piece of the vinyl/carpet for the mounting hole. The mounting hole will be pre-drilled and threaded. 


Step 3 - Mounting The Center Seat

Place the console on top the transmission tunnel and line up the rear mounting holes of the console with the rear mounting holes on the cab. Mark the two spots underneath the front mounting points, and carefully drill through the cab. We suggest having one person underneath the cab verifying that nothing important is being hit by the drill bit. This is the only fabrication. Through-bolt the front of the jumpseat to the cab using washers as necessary. 


Step 4- Mounting The New Seats

The Driver & Passenger will be a direct bolt-in. You can wire in the seatbelt dinger if required. Verify all bolts are torqued down. 


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