Adding Heated & Air Conditioned Seats to a Car / Truck

Adding Heated & Air Conditioned Seats to a Car / Truck

Heating & Cooling is a fairly complex subject, with many companies having different ways they handle it. The gold-standard heating and cooling system is produced for OEMs by a company called GenTherm. These units are truly heated and cooled - not just ventilated. A peltier powered cooling system actively cools the air that passes into the seat. 

For GenTherm powered systems, we offer in-house setup of heating and cooling functions. The most popular of these GenTherm powered seats is the 2011 - 2016 Ford Super Duty Lariat and King Ranch. We offer a 2-Wire hookup service on any GenTherm powered seat we have. All you'll need to do on your end is provide an additional 12v circuit underneath the seat and mount your switch. 

Our thorough service includes the GenTherm OEM Computer, switch, wiring harness, and the adaptation to the particular seat you are shopping for. Prices start at $1400. 

Check out the video below showing one of our many GenTherm projects! 

Seats: 2015 Ford Super Duty King Ranch, wired to go into a base model Super Duty. 

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