Custom Seats - We Can Do That

Custom Seats - We Can Do That

Special Builds need Special Seats

At Get New Seats we have been working with fabricators for over 20 years making their concepts a reality. We're here to help you every step of the way - from finding the perfect style of donor seat that will fit to color and material selection. Our expert staff is well versed in the art of seat fabrication. 

Doesn't matter what you're project car is, C10, K5, F100, Roadrunner or even a Honda CVCC - we're available and ready to start. 



Custom 1 of 1 King Ranch Jumpseat


Custom Design - Lowback Modification

One of the most popular modifications for our customers with classic trucks is the "low-back" modification. This can be as simple as "deleting" a headrest and re-covering the impacted panels. Sometimes it may be a more complicated job, involving entire frame modification. Whatever your goals are, we can help you achieve them. 


Custom 1 of 1 Low-Back Explorer Seats 

Custom Coloration - Complimenting The Interior 

We have every color under the sun in leather, and we are happy to make the seats exactly as you see fit. With options such as embroidery, contrast stitching, custom perforation, and piping we are sure to have what you want. Feeling lost? Tell our reps what you are looking for and they will work with you 1-on-1 to discuss all the possibilities. As an authorized Alea Leather dealer, we can provide made-to-order laser cut leather interiors in any way you'd like. 


Custom color combination, Black and Stone with Red Contrast Stitching


Choosing The Right Seat 

  1. Dimensions (Height, Width, Depth, and Cushion Height) 
  2. Comfort Controls - Features can include: power tracks, lumbar support, heating or cooling. 
  3. Seating Requirements - How many people do you want to seat? Do you want a center seat, console, or a hybrid of the two?  Do you want seatbelts built in? 2 point or 3 point? 



Give us a call! We are always happy to help. 814-476-3117
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